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10 Reasons Why You Need Professional Tree Trimming Services

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If you are a homeowner, you know that it is essential living in a home with good shape. If you are a homeowner, you know that it is essential living in a home with good shape. Trimming the trees around your home comes with a lot of benefits and every homeowner should ensure that the trees around the home are properly pruned. It will make the home appealing, and it will come with some benefits. Read on to discover why you need professional tree trimming services.

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1. Keeping your home in shape

If you have a home, you know that is a significant investment and should always be in right conditions and appealing to you and your visitors. To ensure that your home is unique from other homes, you should trim all the trees surrounding the home and those that are in your compound. Regarding the trimming of trees, you can just do it yourself or hire an expert who has how it goes step by step. Many people may think that trimming trees is easy, but it is a task that requires a lot of knowledge and skills hence why you are advised to look for people with experience and relevant skills to help you in trimming your trees. Though you will have to pay some money for services, you will get many benefits that cannot make he compared with the cost.

2. Tree trimming is done professionally

Tree trimming companies have the expertise required hence they work with professionalism.The people you will be working with have the right qualification and experience. They can trim your trees by following the specifications that you give them. If you need tree trimming services that are customized, they will offer the services you want. They will work to ensure that your home looks unique and appealing too. They will give their services within a short time considering the scope of your project.

3. Tree trimming services make your home safe

Tree trimming is not just an exercise that can be done by everyone.
If you do not know how it is done and you do not have the equipment, you should not try because it can cause injuries if you are not a professional.If you work with experts, you will have the peace of mind even as you do other things since you are sure no damage will occur and no injuries will be reported. You will be assured that as the work goes on, everything in your home is safe and during the trimming damages will not occur. Also, professionals are insured for liability hence they are protected against any damage that they may cause during the time of pruning. It means that in case there is an injury in your home, you do not need to incur any expenses.

4. Health of your trees

By considering trimming services, you are doing away with the branches of your trees that are dead as well as the parts that are diseased. It will be done on both the young as well as older trees to ensure that your trees are adequately protected. It is an exercise that will prevent fungi that may cause decay from entering the trees and infecting them. There is also the chance of removal of live branches to allow proper circulation of air and sunlight.

5. Tree trimming service save your time

If you are always busy with your work, you may find that you need to give the people trimming your trees strict deadlines. The good thing with tree service professionals is that they can do their work within the given period and even earlier. They will do the job within a few hours hence by hiring your tree service professionals you will be assured that you will not be inconvenienced in any way. Knowing people are working with ease in your compound you can also go on with other activities.

6. Tree hazards

It is not easy to notice all problems affecting your trees if you are not an expert. For example, limbs may be looking perfect, but they may be rotten, and if weight is placed on them, they may break. If trees are not safe for climbing, a crane or a bucket truck can be used. Climbing such trees can be dangerous because if they break they can cause a lot of damage. If you are not a professional, you may not notice such risks, and you can be injured.

7. Tools need proper handling

There are power tools that are used for tree trimming such as hand saws and ladders. Such tools should be handled with care by the right people. If the wrong hands (or small children) use or play with them, they can cause a lot of personal injuries and damages. If these tools are mishandled, they can cause major accidents to people and property. Professionals who have done trimming of trees know how to handle such equipment and machinery, and accidents will rarely occur. They have been using these tools for years, and it is unlikely that they may cause an accident while working.

8. Avoid damaging property

Trimming of trees requires patience, and it is not something you can just do without following the right procedures. Pieces should be cut one by one so that the trimming can be successful and also safe. People who have not done this job before may not even know where to start. If you start too high, the branch can fall and damage other branches. It can cause damage to the young trees.

9. It is difficult to predict falling branches

It requires expertise to cut the branches from the small to large ones and sizing them. Even if you use the right angle, there is the possibility of miscalculating and the cut branch could hit something as it falls. If you try to do things the right way, you could still be knocked down by a falling branch, but experts know how to handle all these instances.

10. Your results may not be the best

If you have ever tried to cut your hair, you could have seen how terrible the results were. In the same way, trimming your trees when you are not experienced can look unpleasant, and you may not like the appearance of your trees after cutting them. However, if you hire Professionals Tree trimming Newcastle, you will love their work because they know what to do to get the best results. Also, they have the best trimming techniques and tricks to produce quality work.

For more information about hiring the Tree Services team for the job – go to or Phone: 02 4984 6996 or Mobile: 0419 289 223

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Tree Removal Services Newcastle

The Five Steps for Selecting the Best Newcastle Tree Services

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There are many reasons to hire tree services Newcastle including for overgrown trees, broken limbs, tree removal or you simply need some work done on your garden. Hiring a professional for tree work ensures that you are safe and that the job is done right the first time around. There are 5 steps you should take before hiring a tree service.

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 1: Research Tree Services in Your Area

Prefer a local tree service to guarantee that your yard work gets done on time. Local services are also much cheaper since the arborist doesn’t have to travel long distances to get to the job site. A simple search engine enquiry for best Newcastle tree Removal service should give you a good place to start.  Visit the company websites and narrow down your options to two or three plausible ones based on what you find on the website.

2: Ask the Right Questions

Anyone with a chainsaw and ladder can pass himself off as an arborist so you need to ask the right questions. Once you have narrowed down the options, ask whether the company has insurance. The insurance protects you in the event an arborist or other professional gets injured on your property. In addition to this, insurance guarantees that any damage to your property that occurs in the course of the tree work is paid for by the tree service or insurance company. Also ask about a business license to confirm that the company is legally allowed to perform tree work.

3: Consider Safety  

Check that the tree services Newcastle arrives with the necessary safety gear and equipment. These include steel toe boots, protective glasses, face shields, helmets, climbing gear and so on. An arborist showing up with only a ladder speaks volumes about his professionalism and expertise and should not be allowed to perform any work on your property. The safety equipment not only keeps the professionals safe but also protects your property from falling branches and other potential accidents.

4: Get a Written Estimate

Once the tree service has satisfied the aforementioned criteria, it is time for work to begin. Insist on a written estimate and a contract before the actual work begins. This precaution protects you from the arborist inflating prices midway through the work. It is also very unlikely that you will have to pay a down payment. Unlike a remodelling contractor who has to buy materials, an arborist uses his own equipment and manpower.

5: Go Over the Fine Details 

Finally, confirm the fine details including;

• What happens to larger branches and debris?

• Who cleans up the leaves after the job?

• Does the service include shaping the tree or just trimming dead branches?

• Does the arborist grind the stump after tree removal?

• Does the tree service haul away branches and shrubs or leave them?

The best Newcastle tree services will be happy to accommodate your requests as long as they are within reason. Ensure that these details are either included in the contract or you have them down in writing.

Follow these steps and you should be able to hire a competent arborist or tree service and have your expectations met at the end of the job. It is thoughtful to ask the arborist if there is anything you can do to make his work easier such as moving garden furniture.

For more information about hiring the Tree Services team for the job – go to or Phone: 02 4984 6996 or Mobile: 0419 289 223

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Stump grinding Newcastle

The Five Affordable Tree Removal Services within Newcastle

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There are many reasons to remove a tree including the tree is unhealthy, was damaged in a storm, the tree is dead or it is growing too close to structures such as your house or utility lines.

Whatever the reason, it is highly advisable that you get a professional to do the job. Fortunately, there are a number of Affordable Tree Removals services for you to choose from depending on the type of tree and the situation.

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1: Tree Felling

This service involves simply cutting down the tree in the traditional lumberjack way. The job is straightforward but is best left to the experts.

You need to know which direction the tree will fall before hand to avoid injuries. Additionally, hiring a professional is much faster and neater than if you did it yourself even with a chainsaw. Finally, you definitely need an arborist if the tree is close to the house, power lines or other structures.

The expert knows just how to fell the tree so it doesn’t cause any damage. Tree felling is a good option if you have any dead, dying, diseased or nuisance trees.

2: EWP and Crane Tree Removal

This service is much like tree felling but it involves cranes and EWP equipment. Some trees are simply too large or too tall to climb and require special equipment to cut down and haul away.

It might also be that the location of the tree causes logistical issues and cannot be felled safely by simply cutting it down. Many homeowners are surprised that this Affordable Tree Removal Services Newcastle are accessible and don’t cost an arm and a leg.

3: Tree Removal

This Tree removal service is much like the crane and EWP removal but without the sophisticated and heavy machinery. Some trees are too close to powerlines, pools, houses and other structures and can’t be felled. The location may also make it impossible for a crane or other heavy equipment to reach.

Professional tree removal services in this case use special rigging techniques to stabilize and lower the tree. This is a good option for trees growing in confined spaces or those that pose a risk of falling branches.

4: Timber Removal and Mulching

This service involves getting rid of dead braches and trees uprooted or felled in a storm. The tree removal service cut up the large trees and branches into logs and hauls them away.

You may also ask to retain the logs in a neat pile for firewood or woodwork. The arborist also chips wood and shred leaves and foliage to make mulch which you can use on your plants and landscaping.

Finally, the crew does the final cleanup to leave your yard clean and tidy. This service is recommended after a big storm.

5: Stump Grinding

Finally, tree stumps take up valuable space, are eye sores and provide the perfect environment for pests. The stumps are also a tripping hazard and can damage your gardening equipment such as weed whacker or lawn mower.

Stump grinding Newcastle is the most efficient removal method that doesn’t harm your yard. Heavy machinery grinds down the stump until it disappears. The process doesn’t leave any holes in the ground and the debris can be used as mulch.

The appropriate tree removal service largely depends on the type of tree and its location. You can ask an arborist to inspect the site before recommending the best affordable tree removal services for your situation.

For more information about hiring the Tree Services team for the job – go to or Phone: 02 4984 6996 or Mobile: 0419 289 223

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Tree Services Newcastle with Branch Management Total Tree Services

Seven Ways to Clean Up Your Property or Back Yard This Spring

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Spring is a glorious time when the sun finally comes out and your back yard begins to show signs of life. The season also means its time to clean up property which is most likely in dire condition. If you go about it the right way, you can enjoy spending quality time with family and friends outdoors for the coming months. Below are seven ways to clean up your back yard or property this spring.

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1: Prune Damaged and Dead Branches
Your shrubs and trees have probably been damaged by wind, snow and cold so the first order of business is pruning. Use a handsaw for branches larger than ½ inch in diameter and prune back to the live stem. Use a hand pruner to shape your hedges. Electric shears are definitely easier but these leave a thick outer growth that makes it impossible for sufficient air and sunlight to reach the middle of the shrub.
Stay away from flowers and plants that bloom in the spring such as forsythia and prune them once they flower. Don’t be tempted to do any Tree Lopping Newcastle because this will simply expose your trees to potential rot, decay and disease. You are better off calling an arborist to help you take care of larger dead or damaged tree branches and general pruning.

2: Divide and Cut Perennials Where Necessary
Prune your ornamental grasses to about 2 or 3 inches and 4 to 5 inches for height for your flowering perennials. The idea here is to allow for new growth. Check for areas where the soil has already thawed and dig up the perennials such as daylilies. Divide them into separate clumps of about three stems each. Use the excess to fill out any empty areas. This is also a good time to cut damaged rose canes about an inch below the black area.

3: Clean Areas around Plants
Rake dead foliage, fallen leaves and other debris from around the plant. This debris can create an ideal environment for disease and smother your plants if left unattended. Remove the old mulch once the ground has completely thawed and prepare for new mulch. Clean up your borders and flowerbeds and fertilize plants if necessary. The spring rain helps to sink the fertilizer into the plant’s roots.

4: Make Compost
Create new compost using spent foliage, old mulch, cuttings, leaves and other organic debris that you have collected during clean-up. You can use inexpensive wire fence to make a rudimentary corral. It is necessary to chip branches bigger than ½ inch in diameter and shred the leaves to speed up the decomposition process. Turn the pile once every two weeks and keep it moist.

5: Spruce up Your Lawn
Test the soil PH levels so you know any changes you need to make before the grass starts growing again. Remove any damaged grass and prepare the patch for new planting. Plant the new seeds immediately you see forsythia begin to bloom.

6: Clean Up Your Hardscape
Clean up the patio and walkways of any debris and fill in depressed areas with new gravel. Now is also a good time to refill flagstone joints and repair pavers. Use a pressure washer to clean your walkways and hardscapes and to remove leaf stains and algae spots.

7: Repair Fences
Finally, remove damaged or rotting lattice, boards and pickets. Scrub the wooden fence using water, bleach and liquid mild soap. Replace any damaged areas and repaint the fence as necessary.
DIY spring clean up property is a hard job and you might need some help especially with tending to your plants. Call an Arborist Newcastle or tree service to help you with your trees and shrubs for the best result. Some jobs are often best left to the professional.

For more information about hiring the Tree Services team for the job – go to or Phone: 02 4984 6996 or Mobile: 0419 289 223

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trees pruning

Three Cost Effective Tree Services That Won’t Break the Bank

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Three Cost Effective Tree Services That Won’t Break the Bank. Three Cost Effective Tree Services That Won’t Break the Bank. Many home owners live with tree problems simply because they don’t know these issues are simple and inexpensive to solve by a certified arborist. There are three common inexpensive services that you should consider, as well as a few reasons why you might need them.

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1: Tree Pruning and Shaping

Neglecting tree pruning and shaping will likely lead to obscured views, dead branches, bark defects and low limbs among other problems. There is also a real risk of falling branches especially in bad weather which is serious safety risk. Getting a professional tree pruning or shaping service while the tree is still young or medium sized ensures that it grows properly and avoids the aforementioned problems. Mature trees are also relatively easy to prune by a trained and experienced arborist.

Signs that you need this service include;

• Visible signs of stress or weakness

• Sick tree

• Dead tree

• Tree has grown too large

2: Stump Grinding

Many people don’t know that a tree stump isn’t as harmless as it seems. The stump is a breeding ground for insects and disease, it is unsightly, a potential tripping hazard and there is always the chance a new tree may grow on the stump. A stump removal service is actually more affordable than most people think. Tree grinding stands out as a particularly good solution for this problem. Machinery is easy to manoeuvre so it gets to the spot even in a dense yard. The grinding equipment is fast and efficient and doesn’t leave any holes or blemishes on the yard. Lastly, the waste material from the grinding can be used for mulch making this an ecologically sensible option.

Signs you need tree stump grinding include;

• Stump is old an beginning to rot

• Presence of insects and worms in the house

• Multiple stumps in the yard

• Large stumps which are impossible to remove yourself

3: Tree Removal

Another common misconception is that a professional tree removal service is expensive. Many people prefer to take “wait and see” approach which is a risky especially if there are loose or weak branches that look like they could fall any time. Cutting down a tree yourself is dangerous especially if you don’t have felling training or experience. Trees that are very close to the house or other structures are also notoriously difficult to cut down.

A professional tree removal service is affordable and gets the job done faster than doing it yourself. The professionals also have the proper safety equipment to avoid injury or other incident on your property.

Common signs that you need tree removal include:

• Tree roots are close to the house’s foundation

• Tree is visibly sick

• Tree is leaning

• You have had storm damage

• The tree is hollow

All these tree services are affordable and quick if you get the right tree service company. Alternatively, you can call an arborist to inspect your trees if you suspect you need professional help. The arborist can then come up with the most appropriate solution and give you a price quote before you make a final decision.

For more information about hiring the Tree Services team for the job – go to or Phone: 02 4984 6996 or Mobile: 0419 289 223

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Stump grinding Newcastle

The Five Reasons for Inexpensive Stump Grinding

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Many home owners leave their tree stumps intact after cutting down a tree simply because they don’t see the need of removing the stump. Stump grinding Newcastle is an inexpensive removal process where a machine is used to grind the stump until flat, solid ground is left.

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So why do you need to go through the trouble of hiring a professional to remove the tree stump? Tree stumps aren’t as harmless as most people think.

1: Aesthetic Reasons
If nothing else, tree stumps are unsightly. Most real estate agents report that it’s harder to sell a property littered with tree stumps. Even if you aren’t looking to sell, removing the tree stump to create a level, beautiful yard pays

dividends in aesthetic appeal.
There are other removal methods but stump grinding Newcastle stands out as the best option. It doesn’t leave unsightly and potentially dangerous holes in the ground.

2: Eliminate New Tree Growth
Some tree stumps are notorious for sprouting new growth every once in a while. It can be frustrating and expensive to repeatedly remove the new growth. Chemical solutions may be effective but they can harm the soil and surrounding plants.

Some new tree stump growth may also steal essential nutrients from surrounding plants. Stump grinding is an effective solution in this case because it is environmentally friendly especially compared to chemicals. The waste material from the grinding process makes great mulch.

3: Avoid Insects and Diseases
Tree stumps are prone to insect and disease infestation as they decay. Common infestations include ants, termites and beetles which can also infest surrounding trees and vegetation and even your home.

Stump grinding Newcastle is more affordable much quicker than alternative stump removal methods so there is no reason to risk infestation that can easily be avoided.

4: Remove Safety Hazards
You may not mind unsightly stumps or even the insects that come with them but if you have small children, you definitely need removal. Surrounding brush may grow and obscure the stump causing a tripping hazard while children are playing.

There also might be liability issues if a neighbor or workman trips or is injured on the tree stump. Lastly, consider that you can damage your gardening equipment such as a lawn mower if the blades get caught in the stump.
Again, stump grinding is effective because the machine is easily maneuvered to the precise point and removes the stump with minimal disturbance to your landscaping and surrounding trees.

5: Free Up Precious Yard Space
Finally, consider the space that a tree stump occupies and what you could do with it. A flowerbed, pick nick table or play equipment are better replacements for a stump that only causes problems.

Stump grinding Newcastle is an inexpensive solution that offers flexibility more options of what to do with your yard. The process also leaves the ground intact so you don’t have to do any major landscaping jobs to restore the area the stump occupied.

These are just a few good reasons to get stump removal as soon as possible. The biggest advantage is this is an inexpensive and quick process so there is no excuse to live with stumps on your yard.

For more information about hiring the Tree Services team for the job – go to or Phone: 02 4984 6996 or Mobile: 0419 289 223

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Tree Services Newcastle with Branch Management Total Tree Services

The Five Dangerous Tree Lopping Mistakes – And How to Avoid Them

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Tree lopping is a term that is often misused to refer to cutting branches, pruning, removing trees or reducing the tree size. In the true sense of the word, tree lopping Newcastle usually means removing the main stem of a tree or the entire top half. An arborist worth his credentials would not be willing to perform this service for a number of reasons.

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1: It’s a Temporary Fix for Aesthetic Reasons
Tree lopping seems like a good solution for a tree that has grown too big for the yard. Once the tree is lopped however, wild growth begins at the stubs and it’s only a short time before you have wild, unsightly growth.
A good way to avoid this problem is get the tree removed entirely by a trained arborist.

2: Tree Lopping is A Safety Hazard
Once a tree is lopped, its natural mechanism is to grow new shoots at the point of cutting. A normal branch is linked to the tree at the socket by overlapping in the tree’s tissue. The new growth on a lopped tree is only attached to the exterior layer of the tree.

This weak anchoring makes the new branches incredibly unstable and susceptible to breaking and falling especially in windy conditions. A solution to this problem is to hire an arborist to find a better alternative such as pruning if you are interested in getting rid of weak or unproductive branches.

3: Potential Tree Decay
A healthy tree is equipped with a mechanism to naturally close wounds such as at the point where it is pruned. Tree lopping Newcastle creates large wounds at the lateral branches which most trees are incapable of closing.
Add multiple wounds to the problem and healthy wood tissue is exposed to decay. This decay soon spreads through the branches to the main tree and eventually causes the entire tree to die.

Again, a less dramatic alternative such as canopy thinning by a trained arborist can help to avoid this problem.

4: Exposes Tree to Sunburn
One important function of leaves is to protect the tree from constant assault from the sun by absorbing most of the light and heat. Tree lopping Newcastle dramatically reduces the number of leaves and suddenly exposes the tree to the full glare of the sun. This exposure can quickly lead to bark splitting, cankers and even kill off branches.
It is only a matter of time before the entire tree dies in this case. Again, canopy thinning is an equally effective alternative if you are concerned about your trees blocking light or obscuring views.

5: Dangerous Activity
Finally, there is always the risk of falling from a great height when attempting to perform DIY tree lopping Newcastle. Few amateurs have the tree climbing skills and safety equipment of a professional. Considering how ineffective this method is in the first place, there is no reason to risk injury and death. An arborist would be better equipped to handle the tree issue without compromising your safety and that of the tree.

Tree lopping Newcastle is an outdated, ineffective and dangerous activity that has no place on your property. Fortunately, a certified arborist can inspect your trees, listen to your concerns and come up with the best solution for your tree issues.

For more information about hiring the Tree Services team for the job – go to or Phone: 02 4984 6996 or Mobile: 0419 289 223

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