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Lake Macquarie City Council Tree Removal Application Forms

Lake Macquarie City Council Tree Removal requires residential property owners to comply with certain rules and regulations. If your property is within the Lake Macquarie City Council, Tree Removal guidelines are stated below.


When a tree can be Removed or Pruned without Council permission, the following conditions apply:-

  • Single native shrubs less than three metres in height, except for trees located adjacent to a heritage item in a conservation area or listed on our Significant Tree Register.
  • Any tree that is confirmed dead by an AQF Level 3 Arborist and is not hollow-bearing or providing habitat for native fauna. Photographic evidence that the tree was dead is required for future reference in case we are required to investigate the tree’s removal.
  • Tree works and clearing that have been approved as part of development consent.
  • If the tree trunk, measured at 1.4 metres in height, is located within five metres of the outermost projection of an approved building or structure on the same property. Approved buildings don’t include exempt or complying development.
  • The tree is dangerous and failure is imminent (for example, a split trunk or tree is moving in the ground) and is independently confirmed by an AQF Level 5 Arborist. Council is to be notified before undertaking works.

These guidelines are for residential properties only. If you require more information please click here for the full Lake Macquarie Tree Preservation Order or contact Lake Macquarie Council.

For the Rural Fire Service 10/50 Zoning check your address here

For free quotes, some advice or a tree report please call Shelley on 0419 289 223

For Rural zoning’s please check the Lake Macquarie City Council website for their rules and regulations.

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