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Port Stephens Council Tree Removal


Port Stephens Council Tree Removal has specific guidelines where approval is either required for tree removal, or your trees are exempt, and permission is not required for the removal of trees on residential blocks. To remove a tree without council approval, the tree must comply with one of the following:

  • Your tree must be located within five metres of the structural wall of your house, neighbouring house, pool, water tank, garage and/or any other council approved structure. Take the measurement from the closest point of the trunk to the footings of the structure.
  • Your tree must be dead or dying and does not provide habitat for hollow-dependent fauna.
  • Your tree is under 3 metres in height.
  • Your tree requires urgent removal on account of immediate failure (a post-event tree removal notification is required).

For any trees that don’t meet these guidelines, an application to the council is required.

Branch Management can provide you with a FREE QUOTE and advice on your tree removal.

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If Port Stephens Council advice is required or you would like us to fill out your application forms for you.  Please call Shelley on 0419 289 223.

Outside of urban areas, on most rural properties, the Native Vegetation Act 2004 applies with Hunter Local Land Services as the consent authority.  It is advised to Ring Port Stephens Council on 02 4980 0255 if you are unsure on your lands rules and guidelines.


For the Rural Fire Service 10/50 Zoning, check your address here.

For Rural zoning or to check if you are located under the Port Stephens Council Rules and Regulations or under the Hunter Local Land Services, please ring council as different rules may apply.

Port Stephens Council Tree Removal
This Tree did not require a permit as it was within 5 metres of the structural wall