Maitland City Council Tree Removal 

Trees on all privately owned urban land may be removed or pruned without development consent unless:

  • Land is zoned R5 Large Lot Residential, RE1 Public Recreation, RE2 Private Recreation, E4 Environmental Living; E3 Environmental Management,or
  • Land is zoned R1 General Residential, and is located within an Urban Release Area, and has an area greater than 1000m2; or
  • Clause 5.10 – Heritage Conservation in the Maitland LEP 2011 is applicable (Heritage Conservation Area or Heritage item), or
  • The tree is to be retained as a condition of development consent to the land, 88B Restriction or landscape buffer or the like; or
  • The tree is listed in Table 1 (Significant Tree Register) of Part B5 of the DCP.

If Consent is required, applications must address all relevant provisions under Part B5 of the Maitland Development Control Plan (DCP) 2011. The DCP may be viewed  at

Where a Complying Development Certificate has been issued, Consent may not be required under some circumstances.

Refer to Clauses 3.6A, 5A.2(3) and 5A.3 of the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development
Codes) 2008.

Information regarding tree removal on rural land can also be found at Hunter Local Land Services.

For the Rural Fire Service 10/50 Zoning check your address here.

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