Lucky you and congratulations, you have just purchased a new block of land! It is likely that you will be required to organise the block clearing before your builder will commence building. Branch Management are the experts providing all aspects of Tree Services including Block Clearing Newcastle.  We have been doing many a Block Clearing Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens.

  • Safe Tree Removal

    Our professional and qualified team can easily and safely dismantle trees and our equipment will do the rest.  We will either fell your trees onto your block or surround blocks.  If there are trees close to the boundary or leaning over an already built property and your trees requires climbing to safely dismantle them without causing damage, we can do that.

    Root Ball Removal

    Our excavator will be able to rip out the root balls and remove all debris from site leaving your block ready for your builder. Whether your property be flat or on a slope, we have years of experience in excavation work.

    Dial Before You Dig

    Let us do the heavy lifting for you, as we offer a free dial before you dig plan.   Upon these plans, if there is anything we are not 100% certain of, we will recommend that you have Underground Service Detecting done by an independent company.

    Council Requirements

    For us to be able to start on your block, we require your approved DA and Certificate of Construction papers from your local council before block clearing can commence.  If you have not organised your tree report for your DA to be approved through council for your block clear, please contact us as we have an Arborist Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens here ready and happy to help.

    The picture here shows four large trees before we came in for the block clearing Newcastle.  This block took half a day to clear with all debris and root ball removed from site.

    If you are requiring a tree report or assessment for your block clear, click here for more information about our services.

    Choose your team carefully as not all Arborist’s are the same.

We’ve had the privilege to work with some wonderful local businesses

From Port Stephens to Newcastle and the Hunter we have worked with local businesses such as LJ Hooker, Port Stephens Council, Defence Housing Australia, Transfield and many more.

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Professional total tree service in the Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, Hunter and Port Stephens areas. Get a free quote today.

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