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Here at Branch Management we service the entire Newcastle region and Adamstown Heights is no different.

We provide a comprehensive range of services for Tree Removal in Adamstown Heights and specialise in all aspects of residential and commercial tree management. We’ve been in the industry for many years, and in that time, we’ve developed a reputation for our high standard of workmanship and incredible customer service. We’re fully licensed and insured, and we’re committed to getting the job done right the first time. Every time.

Tree pruning

Trees can get out of control pretty quickly without proper management. The result is unsightly trees ruining the sanctuary of your backyard or blocking the sun from the spaces you want it most. Even worse, unruly trees can interfere with power lines and become a serious fire hazard. For professional tree pruning services that get your trees looking great again, Branch Management is the team you can trust.

Hedge trimming

Many homes around Australia have hedges in the garden because they look great and provide excellent privacy. Many people favour them at the front of their homes because they create a beautiful wall. However, if not trimmed regularly, they can get out of control and look awful. To ensure your hedges grow the right way, and remain looking good for years to come, ask us about our Waratah West hedge trimming service today.

Tree removal

Whether your trees are at risk of falling because they’re old, damaged, or diseased, you can count on the team of professional arborists at Branch Management for all your tree removal needs. Even if you just want to get rid of some old trees to create more space on your property, we’re here to help. We use safe and secure methods to remove unwanted or damaged trees from around your home.

Block clearing

Have you bought a property and going to knock the house down and rebuild?  Fabulous!  We specialise in block-clearing services for new construction developments. Do you require tree removal and stumps to be removed out of the way? All you need to do is give us a call. We’ll undertake a full hazard assessment, and clear out all of the trees that are in your way. We always consult thoroughly to ensure we only get rid of the trees and stumps you want to be removed.

Stump grinding

Stumps in your yard can cause significant problems. They attract pests like termites, and they’re also hazardous if you’ve got young children running around. On top of that, they ruin the aesthetics of your garden. So, if we’re not able to completely remove tree stumps, we’ll grind them down so they’re out of your way and you can have your garden looking beautiful once more.

Contact us for all your tree removals, and tree pruning, and let us take care of your tree services.

  • Tree Services and Tree Removal In Adamstown Heights

    Though we think trees are the very essence of nature, there can be times when they pose a danger to you or the environment around them. If the tree’s dying or dead, or if it’s in a risky or very inconvenient location, it may be time to remove it.

    But that doesn’t mean just pulling out the chainsaw! There are factors to consider – safety chief among them – when removing a tree, along with choosing the best tree service provider to take care of your tree removal in Adamstown Heights.

  • Tree Removal Adamstown Height

    We have had years of experience removing trees that are in tight locations.

    There are many crane companies that can provide small but very effective mini cranes that can get into the tightest of locations making our job so much easier and more affordable for you, our client.

    When quoting, so many people nearly have a heart attack when a crane is mentioned because they think of the cost. In actual fact, having a mini crane on-site costs less than you think.


Professional Arborist Services

Tree Removal Adamstown Heights

Newcastle City Council will allow residents who are looking to perform Tree Removal in Adamstown Heights approval to remove up to 3 trees on their property when residents agree to replant. An application is required to the council and it is an easy process to fill in and submit.


Tree Reports

Some trees just can’t be removed. The Council can require an assessment and report from a fully-qualified Arborist before approving. Our AQF5 Arborist can provide you with comprehensive news to use when applying to the Council to remove the tree.

Tree Pruning

Pruning your trees is essential to make sure they stay healthy and live longer. This is a staple of the tree services that we deliver, and many of our clients recognise the benefits of not just pruning but monitoring your trees for early signs of problems. Over the years we have performed many trees pruning in Adamstown Heights along with tree removals and of course tree stump services.

You are allowed to perform tree pruning annually as long as the pruning is no more than 10% of the tree’s canopy. If you require more than 10% tree pruning we can provide you with our AQF5 Arborist and with a small fee he can provide you with a tree pruning specification if he feels it is necessary.

Stump Grinding

Tree Removal is one thing. Getting rid of the stump is something else altogether. The two often go hand in hand, as unsightly tree stumps are an eyesore and a hazard on your property. We also handle root ball removals, so they’re not left lying in the ground.

For more excellent protection against the potential problems of a tree’s root system, we also install root barriers.

Residential Block Clearing

You’ve just bought land for your dream home? Congrats!

A common obstacle that needs to be cleared before construction begins is the trees. We can take care of that for you. Rootballs may also be a problem around the land – and yes, we’ll get rid of those too.

It’s essential to know any council requirements before you start this.  Click here to get the details on how to get your block cleared.

Land Clearing

Clearing trees from other types of land – be it for farming, fencing, property development, grass slashing, or commercial buildings – is no problem for us. We have the equipment, skill, and professionalism to handle any tree that’s put in front of us.

Whatever you need to be done with your trees, get in touch with us for a free assessment and quote. Newcastle’s tree services have never been handled by a safer, more professional (and friendlier) team!

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