Benefits of Aerial Inspections

While trees may look healthy and safe from the ground, what is happening from an aerial point of view can be very different. Aerial Inspections don’t lie!

Branch Management provides a team of experts that can assess trees both from the ground and an elevated position. This will give you the most accurate health and safety assessment report on your tree. Trees are a valuable asset to our properties, and the care and maintenance of them is our first priority. Our AQF5 Arborist is an expert when it comes to minimising hazards, addressing liabilities, identifying diseases and can then advise on appropriate action to be taken, if required. An annual inspection and maintenance are recommended for the longevity, safety and hazardous free life of your tree.

The photos below show a small limb that was removed as it was overhanging a garden shed. The limb was quite long, and from the ground, it looked normal. Once removed, the limb was rotting, and the branch was not very healthy. Eventually, this branch would have snapped and fallen to the ground, damaging the garden shed. Luckily, this client requested the limb to be removed as general maintenance to their tree and garden area.

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We’ve had the privilege to work with some wonderful local businesses

From Port Stephens to Newcastle and the Hunter we have worked with local businesses such as LJ Hooker, Port Stephens Council, Defence Housing Australia, Transfield and many more.

It is a our friendly, professional approach to making your experience a pleasurable one. Safety is our priority.

Shelley, Owner Branch Management