What is an Arborist?

What is an Arborist? An Arborist is a person that cares and maintains trees.

Arborists have been through extensive training to understand the science behind trees ‘Arboriculture’ and are then certified to care and maintain trees. There are multiple levels of training depending on the individual needs of the Arborist. The Levels are 2, 3 or 5. Once having obtained these arborist qualifications they are then considered a Climbing Arborist or a Consulting Arborist.

The differences between a Climbing Arborist and a Consulting Arborist are:-

  1.  A Climbing Arborist who perform the pruning and removal of trees is also qualified to assess trees from an aerial position. The minimum level required by most councils when hiring an Arborist is Level 3. A Climbing Arborist can detect more problems through an aerial inspection than from the ground.
  2. Consulting Arborist is one who assesses trees from the ground and can provide Tree Reports or Tree /Assessments, Tree Protection Plans, Risk Mitigation Reports and Tree Pruning Specifications. These arborist reports identify the species of tree, health and safety, defects or diseases, life expectancy and photographs to support that information. These reports also have the recommendations for the tree whether it be pruning or if removal is required. Some councils require these reports if approval to remove the tree is required if the tree is outside the exemption zone. The minimum requirement of a consulting arborist is level 5 also known as an AQF 5 Arborist. For more information on Consulting Arborists click here.

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