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After your tree removal, we highly recommend having the tree stump ground down below grass level or out of site. We are able to bring in another piece of machinery that will enable us to carry out stump grinding in Newcastle and remove an unsightly tripping hazard from your premises.

Stump grinding can provide a myriad of benefits for your yard. Once we have performed your tree removal and part of our tree services here are 5 reasons why you might consider getting yours removed:


  • Trip hazard – leaving a stump sitting just out of the ground can be a trip hazard, particularly in grassed areas and therefore this can cause trip hazards. Kids may trip over whilst running or the elderly may lose their footing, fall, and break a bone. Stump grinding reduces physiological risks.
  • The look – stumps left to rot don’t contribute to your place looking neat and tidy. Hence, stump grinding can bolster the value of your property.
  • A nuisance – when you use the whipper snipper or mow around a stump, the stump is not easy to maneuver around. Stump grinding allows grass to grow over the top leaving the place easy to mow.
  • Attract insects – stumps left take a long time to rot completely. While the stump is decaying it can attract insects, beetles, termites, and any other wood-boring pest. Eventually, these pests will look for other forms and more importantly, can spread to your home. Our services can also reduce pest activity.
  • Stumps cause new tree growth – sometimes leaving the stump behind contributes to new sprouts, which can result in many small trees growing around the stump. Stump grinding removes the likelihood of any new growth.
  • Dial Before You Dig

    As part of our stump grinding services, we offer a free Dial Before You Dig plan before performing any Newcastle stump grinding in your front yard. As a result, for example, Telstra, Gas, Water or Electricity are showing underground we will offer you the following options:-

    1. The choice of not grinding your stump or
    2. We will recommend you have Underground Service Detecting done by an independent company.  This is to ensure us not disturb or damage services whilst grinding but also the safety of our crew and equipment.

    Underground Service Detecting

    After the dial-before-you dig plans have been completed, or unless we can see straight away when quoting, we may suggest underground service detecting as part of our tree services and our stump grinding services in Newcastle and surrounding areas.

    In particular, if you have gas near your tree stump, we will not grind without having this service completed.

    Harley is our go-to man and he can identify where the services are and how deep, enabling us to perform stump grinding at its safest after your tree removal. We do not want to be responsible for a gas leak and I am sure you don’t either.

  • Newcastle Stump Grinding Services

    What happens to the shavings?

    After the stump grinding we will rake the shavings back into the hole. The excess shavings are a great mulch for your garden. If there are going to be excess shavings, we will ask you if you would like to keep them or for a small fee we can remove them for you.

    Most people keep the shavings as this is a great mulch for the garden.  Tree Removal is expensive enough and the extra added cost to remove the shavings, well we don’t really do it.

    Meet Ali

    Ali does all our stump grinding and provides Newcastle and other contractors with the best stump grinding service. She is pleasant, full of energy, and always has a smile on her face. With her friendly manner and love of her stump grinding business, you are guaranteed a thorough and professional stump grind.

    She will refer tree removal, and all tree services to us, so know you will be in good hands when she does the stump grinding. She will definitely leave your property looking fabulous after any tree removal.

    Root Barrier Services

    Branch Management also offers the services of root barrier installations and remedial earthworks for unwanted roots and tree stumps disturbing foundations and footings.

  • Root Ball Removal

    Over the years we have cleared many blocks for building your dream home and cleaned up many schools of fallen trees. As part of our tree services in Newcastle and surrounding areas within the Hunter Region, we provide rootball removal and scaping back of your block.

    Sometimes, as part of your tree removal process, some tree stumps may not be able to be ripped out with an excavator. They may be too close to the neighbour’s property or could disturb neighbouring foundations, pools, or your own and then they require stump grinding.

    We can advise you on the process as part of our tree services.

    When ripping out your tree stumps, they will be left at 6 ft high for our excavator to come in and rip out and remove them from your property.

    Your property will be left as clean and tidy as possible.


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