Newcastle City Council Tree Removal

Newcastle City Council Tree Removal has certain guidelines for residential and rural property owners.  There are 2 parts for Newcastle City Council Tree Removal and they are:-

  • Part A – provides guidance on the management of trees and shrubs located on private land.
  • Part C – provides guidance on the management of native vegetation communities or assemblages on private land.

It is advisable to consult the Newcastle Urban Forestry Technical Manual before contracting a contractor or lodging an application form.  Not all Arborist companies are the same and/or will do the right thing.  Ensure Branch Management will abide by Newcastle City Council Tree Removal policies and procedures.

  • Part A – Private Trees

    To remove a tree without council permission within Newcastle City Council, the tree must comply with one of the following points below:

    • The tree is dead or dying
    • The tree poses an immediate risk to life or property due to a sudden change to its structure as a result of a severe storm or wind event.  This documentation for removal must be in accordance with Part A Section 3.3 (1) of the Manual. If the storm damaged private tree is a heritage-listed item, then Council is to be notified by supplying the completed  Report Storm Damage Tree Removal form in Appendix 6 along with the required evidence.  The completed form and relevant photos are to be forwarded to Council within 5 working days of the tree removal.
    • The tree must be located within three metres of the structural wall of your house or your neighbouring house (excluding carports, pergolas, fences, retaining walls and the like).  This is to be measured from the closest point of the trunk to the footings of the building.
    • The shrub is less than 5m in height and is not part of a native vegetation community.
    • The tree has a circumference at breast height not greater than 450 millimetres for a single trunk tree or not greater than 300 millimetres for each trunk of a multi-trunk tree.
    • The tree or shrub is native vegetation previously planted for agriculture, agroforestry, forestry, horticulture or woodlot purposes.

    For owners of trees not meeting the above six requirements under Part A you will need to:

    • for three or less trees/shrubs with replacement planting, complete and lodge a Permit tree removal application form, or
    • for more than three trees/shrubs, or for removal of three trees/shrubs or less where no replanting is proposed, complete and lodge a tree removal application form and  Arborist Report to Support Tree Removal Application form in Appendix 7.  Call us for an AQF5 Arborist to assist with your form.
  • Heritage listed tree or shrub, including trees or shrubs that form part of an Aboriginal object or is within a place of Aboriginal significance, are not covered by circumstances 2 to 6 above.  A completed  Heritage Minor Works form and Appendix 7 (completed by a qualified arborist) are to be lodged with Council to apply for removal of these trees/shrubs.

    Note:  The above clauses 1 to 6 do not apply to trees or shrubs on land managed by a public authority including Council, they apply only to trees on privately owned land.

    Tree and shrub removal on environmentally sensitive land is not covered by a tree or vegetation removal application and may require a Development Application.

    Tree or shrub removal on private land associated with development cannot be undertaken under the Part A Tree Permit process and is to refer to Section 4 of the Manual for assessment criteria.

  • Part C – Native Vegetation

    For part C and any further information on Tree Removal Newcastle click here.

    For Newcastle City Council Tree Removal on private property that doesn’t meet these guidelines, a tree report by a qualified Arborist is required.  This report has enough information for the council to approve your application.  The information in this report will have age, size, and species of tree, health, life expectancy, and enough photos with evidence of the tree in question.  A qualified Arborist will not write a report if he/she does not find enough evidence that this tree is diseased, dying, or dangerous and requires removal.

    Branch Management can provide you with Newcastle City Council Tree Removal advice and can even fill out your application forms for you.  If you require a tree report by a Qualified Arborist or you are after a FREE quote please call Jess on 0419 289 223.  We are happy to help you in any way possible.

Click on the link for more information regarding Newcastle City Council Tree Removal Guidelines and application forms. Click here.

For rural zoning’s, please check the Newcastle City Council website.

For the Rural Fire Service 10/50 Zoning check your address here



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