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If you are looking for an AQF5 arborist in Newcastle NSW for a tree report or assessment for your tree pruning or tree removal Newcastle, you’re in safe hands with our dedicated team. Our crew consists of fully qualified and trained Newcastle arborists providing affordable arborist services. Our specialists are fully insured and highly qualified. Rest assured knowing we have a Newcastle arborist that has the knowledge to provide full tree reports and our tree specialists perform quality prune tree & stump grind services, tree removing, tree lopping, land clearing, and more, using safe climbing techniques whilst protecting your valuable asset – your home? Safety is our priority!


  • Professional Tree Services

    When it comes to the health and safety of your trees, Branch Management often recommends the services of an Arborist in Newcastle to assess or write a report.

    We offer free quotes but when it comes to written reports we offer an affordable service through an independent AQF5 Arborist.

    He has been in the industry for many years and started out as a Horticulturist. He has many years of experience with assessing trees and has assessed many in local schools, commercial properties, and housing estates and was the Arborist that recommended a tree be removed in Hornsby. The council declined the application and then only a few weeks later, the tree fell over making the local news.

    I have worked with Stephen for 17 years and highly recommend him.

    Arborist Consultations & Assessments

    If you require a health and safety assessment to satisfy your worries about your trees, we can help you today. Our AQF5 Consulting Newcastle Arborists can provide you with Tree Reports for Council Applications. Our arborists can also provide Development Applications, Tree Management Plans, Tree Assessments, and Tree Pruning Specifications. We can deploy a fully qualified arborist in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens, Maitland, and Cessnock areas. Whether you are after an assessment for 1 or 100 trees, we can provide you with the information for whatever your needs are.  We offer affordable tree maintenance once the tree has been inspected. For more information on our Consulting Arborist.

    Climbing Arborists

    When removing or pruning a tree, our Arborists are fully qualified, trained, experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly. Our team will perform your tree work using safe climbing techniques whilst protecting your valuable asset – your home!

    Regular pruning ensures the health, and safety of your trees. This ensures the longevity of your asset. Our services involve pruning branches to enhance your tree’s appearance. It will also eliminate potential hazards to either property or people by removing its deadwood or diseased branches. It also gives the Arborists in Newcastle NSW a chance to inspect your tree and diagnose any future problems.

    Whilst the removal of trees is sometimes necessary, our team has years of experience in tree removal with the use of a Crane, and EWP for large and difficult trees. For any of those tight to get to places, close to houses or difficult locations, we have the skills and equipment to lower limbs safely and professionally whilst protecting your property.

    For a full list of our services – check them out here. 

We’ve had the privilege to work with some wonderful local businesses

From Port Stephens to Newcastle and the Hunter we have worked with local businesses such as LJ Hooker, Port Stephens Council, Defence Housing Australia, Transfield and many more.

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Professional total tree service in the Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, Hunter and Port Stephens areas. Get a free quote today.

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