Proper tree pruning will save you time and money in the long run and can prevent tree removal in some circumstances too. If you have planted trees on your property, it’s vital to have a long term plan for your trees. At Branch Management, we can effectively take care of all your tree pruning services but also specialise in tree removal in Black Hill, as well as other tree removal services. 


  • Tree Maintenance  

    Trees that are well maintained and cared for have few, or nil, structural defects. They also have robust frameworks and are known to be more resilient to harsh weather. A well-maintained tree is less of a hazard during storms and strong wind.  

    Regular tree pruning is an excellent tree service that ensures the trees on your property add value, not hazards. Although if your trees have been left unattended and are even past the point of return, our qualified arborists will be able to sort it out for you and organise for a tree removal in Black Hill if it’s necessary. 

Tree Pruning or Tree Removal? 

There are many reasons why an arborist would recommend tree removal or tree pruning. Depending on the state of your trees and the desired outcome, we will recommend a specific approach, and use our latest tools and equipment to take care of it all! Our expert arborists will help you understand the process and go over long term plans for your trees if they are needed. 

Look After Your Trees  

You may think that tree pruning, especially when the trees are still young, is an easy DIY job. But that’s not the case. Incorrect pruning, can damage your tree, mutilate the structure, and spoil integrity for good. Think of it like bringing up a child. The wrong kind of care during the early days could cause damage for good. 

Don’t let this happen to your trees. Be proactive and reach out to our team of professionals. We can arrange for affordable regular tree services and give it the necessary care it needs. Whether it be regular upkeep, stump grinding, hedge trimming or tree removal that your property needs, give us a call! 

Speak with the Professionals 

We offer our services and tree removal in Black Hill and surrounding suburbs. We also have good relations with the local councils and can guide you concerning permits. Our team is qualified, experienced and determined to give you, and your trees, the best possible care.  

We are registered with professional bodies, observe safety and quality standards, and are committed to giving you long-term solutions concerning tree services.  

Regular inspection and taking the correct measures is key to years of trouble-free shaded leisure so call our dedicated customer service team, and see how we can help you! 

It is a our friendly, professional approach to making your experience a pleasurable one. Safety is our priority.

Shelley, Owner Branch Management


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