So, did you know we do Kids Tree Education?

Come along and join in for some fun!

Over the past 5 years we have been creating a website with kids tree education, animation, books and activities?  It is called The Tree House Adventures and if you want to know more about trees we have lots of information to share with you…

Kids Tree Education!

The Tree House Adventures is a kids tree education website which is based around our tree company called Branch Management.  Yes we manage branches!!! You can read about each of the crew and what they do, read about the equipment we use, watch an animation, read some books and do some activities. Check our website out.


Watch our animation. You will see how a tree is removed that had lost a very large branch. Unfortunately, the tree needed to be removed because it lost half of its foliage and the tree could not supply itself with enough food to survive. You will see all the crew and equipment in action. For a sneak peak click here for our animation.


Our website has lots of information for  you to check out, for example, click on the trees tab and you can read all about trees and some the faults they may have. Learn how to identify a bracket fungus, read about termites. Have you ever asked yourself why we need trees? If you have, well you can learn all about why we need them, what they provide for us, recycling them. Also find out what is an Arborist and what do they do.


Our latest addition is our books. If you are around the ages of 5-8 you will love them. Read about the tree being removed in the animation, read about a tree being assessed by an Arborist to make sure the tree is safe and healthy. Do you go to the local park and sit in trees? Mr Tree is the favourite tree in the local park and he talks to all the children and helps them solve their problems. Problems such as being bullied, working together as a team and using kind words when talking to our friends. Collect them all.


We love to have fun as I am sure you do. Print off some colouring in sheets, find a word, dot-to-dot, see what you can find, counting and getting through a maze pages from our Activities page. So, did you know we do kids tree education?

Branch Management

For all your tree needs around your home look no further then Branch Management and your Tree Pruning or removal. Not all Arborists are the same so ensure to choose a contractor that is insured, one that comes highly recommended and find out how much do Arborist’s cost?

If your tree is in decline click here to read about 3 ways to identify your trees decline.

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