How much does an Arborist cost

There are many reasons why people require the services of an Arborist Company and often wonder how much it is going to cost them?  So, how much does an Arborist cost?  5 ways to save money on Newcastle Arborist Services.

There are a couple of factors to consider when hiring a contractor for your tree removal, as not all tree companies are the same.  Why are all Newcastle Arborist’s not the same?

Do they have a qualified Arborist to perform the work?

For tree pruning or tree removal a Qualified Arborist is essential with a minimum level of 3.  This Arborist has the knowledge base to safely and correctly prune your tree without harming it.

What level of insurance do they provide?

Different tree companies will have different levels of insurance.   You should always ask to see the level of insurance and ensure that the tree company has adequate insurance for your job.   Some tree companies may not have insurance altogether and these companies are to be avoided.

What equipment do they have to make the job an easy one?

Most tree companies will turn up with a minimum of a team of 3 people, truck, chipper and appropriate sized chainsaws.

Do they have a license to perform the work required?

There is no license required to have a tree company although there are individual certificates required to perform tree work.   For example, the climber should have a Working at Heights Certificate.

There are also a couple of factors that will determine the final price

  1. The size of the Tree
  2. The location of the Tree
  3. Stump Grinding
  4. The disposal of the debris
  5. Tree Reports and/or Permit Required

Be prepared, hire a Professional Branch Management Tree Removal company today, so you aren’t caught out at the last minute.  Not all Newcastle Arborist’s are the same.  At Branch Management we strive to offer you quality, professional and safe Tree Arborist Services Newcastle and surrounding areas with competitive prices.  Read more about the 5 ways to save money on Arborist Services within Newcastle.

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