Why are Trees so Important

Why are Trees so important?  There are many reasons why Trees are so important to us and our environment.  Trees are the biggest plants on the planet and they provide us with oxygen, store carbon dioxide, provide shelter and food for wildlife and humans.

Trees are vital to our everyday needs.    Here are 5 reasons why are Trees so important to us?

Trees provide Oxygen

Trees release oxygen and take in carbon dioxide.   Humans inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.  The relationship between plants and humans.

Trees protect the Environment

Trees clean our soil by absorbing dangerous chemicals.  The trees can either store the chemicals or change them to be less harmful.

Trees can clean the air by absorbing odours and gases (nitrogen oxides, ammonia, sulfur dioxide and ozone) and filter those particles out of the air by trapping them on their leaves and bark.

A row of Trees can be used for noise pollution for freeways.

Trees are 100% recyclable.

Trees grow our Economy

People are attracted to buy a house, work in a workplace, play in a park and invest in property in greener surroundings.   Maintaining and caring for your trees is an asset to your property.

Trees provide Food & Shelter for Animals and Humans?

There are thousands of species of trees in the world and many provide us with food.  Where do most of our fruits come from??

We are also provided shelter from trees, which provides us with protection from the UV rays of the sun.  Trees provide homes (called hollows) to animals.

Trees provide wood

The timber from trees can be turned into homes and buildings and we can also make furniture.


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