Why all Newcastle Arborist’s are not the same


Why all Newcastle Arborist’s are not the same!  Many people are mistaken when it comes to understanding the difference between a Tree Lopper and an Arborist.  Do they do the same thing?  No, this is not the case?  Do they cost the same?

Continue reading if you care about the appearance and health of your trees and you will understand why all Newcastle Arborist’s are not the same.

Tree Lopping is a term used for cutting the branches to stubs or otherwise known as reducing the size of the tree.   A Tree Lopper is a person to cut those branches back to stubs and reduce the size of the tree.

An Arborist is known as a Tree Surgeon.  This person is certified and has had extensive training in ‘Arboriculture’ understanding the science behind a tree and capable of the care and ongoing maintenance of trees and plants.  There are multiple levels of training ranging from Level 2 to Level 5.

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Understanding the needs for your tree care?

For the maintenance and on going care to your trees it is advisable to contract a tree company with a Qualified Arborist who can perform the works with the understanding and knowledge of how a tree is best to be pruned or removed.  There are 2 types of Arborist’s:

  1. Climbing Arborist – minimum Level 3 required
  2. Consulting Arborist – minimum Level 5 required

A climbing Arborist is a person who performs the tree pruning or removal.  They can also perform an aerial inspection, which is assessment of the trees health and safety from an aerial position.

A consulting Arborist is a person who assesses the tree for defects or potential hazards.  This assessment is done from the ground.

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