5 Ways to SAVE you MONEY on Arborist Services in Newcastle

Location of your tree determines the removal cost

Are you looking to save time and money, well read on and you will find 5 ways to save you money on Arborist Services in Newcastle?  Is your tree easily accessible or is it located in a hard to get to place in your yard? All sorts of factors are taken into consideration when pricing an Arborist Service in Newcastle.

Hiring contractors to perform tree work doesn’t have to be expensive.  Here are 5 ways to save you money on Arborist Services in Newcastle:-

  1. Free Quotes.
  2. Trees located in an easy to get to place will save you money.  Access is the key ingredient.
  3. Obstacles – remove what may be in the way.
  4. Waste Disposal – the difference between removing from site or possibly keeping it yourself.
  5. Insurances – making sure they are covered.

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Free Quotes

When enquiring about a quote for your proposed tree removal, make sure that you ask the contractor if they provide free quotes.   Not all contractors provide free quotes.   You don’t want to be stuck having to pay a fee for your quote.  You are looking at ways to save you money on Arborist Services in Newcastle after all.

If you are after a health and safety report or tree report for a DA, this is not included in a Free Quote.   This Arborist advice will be a paid service and a quote for this service can be provided.

Some other factors to consider when choosing your Newcastle Arborist Company is their insurances, level of qualifications, equipment.    Click here to find out more about how much does a Newcastle Arborist cost.


The location of the tree is a crucial part of keeping the price low.  If the contractor can get his machinery next to the tree, then there will be less manual labour involved getting the branches to the machine. This means less time onsite for the crew and less money for yourself.  Trees in the front yard often have less obstacles and access difficulties.

If the contractor cannot get his machinery next to the tree for the tree removal, then to save you money with access, ensure you move any obstacles removed before they arrive.  Obstacles such as chairs and tables, children’s play equipment, pot plants and any breakable items.

Trees being removed in the rear yard, the wood and foliage needs to be bought to the front yard for chipping and is more labour intensive.  Other ways at looking at saving you money with access, is the option of using a neighbours property, if accessible.


Looking out for obstacles when removing a tree is another factor taken into consideration when working out a price.  Here are a few obstacles we look at:-

  1. Can the tree be easily felled in the yard?
  2. Is the tree close to the house and every limb needs to be lowered individually?
  3. Is the tree near power lines and needs a power line shut out?
  4. Does the tree hang over or near a swimming pool?
  5. Where is the tree located,in the front yard or the back yard?
  6. Are extra labourers required to perform the job?

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Waste Disposal

Does the Wood and foliage need to be removed from your site. We chip all wood and foliage with a wood chipper and an excavator for large timber, if required.  See Video below.

Once the tree has been chipped, the mulch is then removed from site or you may want to look at possibly using some of it in your yard.

Another example is, if you need firewood you will be able to save on the timber being removed from your site and this will also save you on your electricity bill.

Palm fronds do not mulch up well and very acidic.   Some companies do not want to chip mulch for fear of damaging their machinery.  Palm mulch is not desired and tip fees apply.

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