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5 Reasons Why You Should Prune Your Trees

To Prune your trees in your yard will make them healthy, productive and pretty. Most importantly, pruning will make your trees safe and help them grow. Read more for why pruning your trees is good…

Why should you Prune your trees?

Make your Yard look Beautiful

The overall feel and look of your home increases your property value. A poorly managed lawn or a sickly looking tree detracts from your home’s appearance. Become the envy of the neighbourhood and prune your trees that are located around your home, so consider hiring a Professional Tree Services Newcastle to assist in your pruning chores.

By pruning your trees we mean, cutting off dead limbs or removing sections of the tree that are growing faster than others and giving your tree a whole new look. Think of it as a haircut for your tree. Good grooming is beneficial to trees, since it enhances the shape of the tree and especially important for trees that you’ve planted for the sole purpose of adding aesthetic appeal.

Help the Tree Grow

That juniper tree in your yard will be able to withstand harsh weather better after it has been pruned. When a professional tree service uses the proper technique, tree pruning has the ability to make the roots stronger, which ultimately means that the tree is healthier and can hold up better in a storm. Moreover, pruning can help the new branches to grow. Read about why we have a 5 star rating.

Encourage Fruit Production

Any type of tree that produces fruit benefits from pruning. By removing dead limbs, you’re promoting better health in the tree, since dead wood makes the tree more susceptible to insect infestation and disease.

Additionally, pruning a fruit tree you may have encourages the growth of spurs, which will produce fruit the following year. Ultimately, pruning promotes an increase in fruit production.

Remove Dangerous Branches

By far, this is the most imperative reason to hire someone to prune your tree. The dead branches fall very easily during high winds or a severe storm. Even when weather conditions are ideal, these branches may fall. Other hazardous branches include ones hanging over the roof of your home and ones growing into electric lines.

Additionally, cracks in the tree, decay, cankers and poor root growth are all able to cause safety issues.

Treat Disease

Just like human beings, trees may contract disease. Through pruning, the disease may be treated and prevented from spreading. Therefore, pruning not only prevents disease, it also helps treat it and keep your tree safe.

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