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Your guide to Pruning Trees in Winter

Pruning deciduous plants in the winter promotes fast regrowth in the spring, as most plants are dormant during the winter. It’s also easier to see the shape of deciduous plants in the winter, since their foliage is gone. For your guide on pruning trees in winter…

For best pruning trees in winter:-

  • Prune on a mild, dry day.
  • Prune first dead and diseased branches.
  • Then remove the overgrown and smaller branches to increase light and air at the crown of the tree.
  • In general, your goal is to keep the branches that develop or maintain the structure of the tree.
  • Cut branches at the node, the point at which one branch or twig attaches to another.

Not all Arborists are the same so ensure to choose a contractor that is insured, and comes highly recommended and how much do Arborist’s cost?

If your tree is in decline click here to read about 3 ways to identify your trees decline.

Pruning Pointers

Nature is the Great Pruner because trees can grow too close together causing branches to die as they compete for sunlight and airflow.

Pruning is a necessary part of gardening. Consider these three reasons:


Thinning is about cutting out all dead, diseased, and damaged parts to let in more air and light and enhance its health.


In Nature, most plants we grow are in splendid isolation, trying to spread unnaturally fast. Our job is to prevent certain shrubs and trees from outgrowing their position in a yard. Judicious reducing helps plants develop into sound structures without over-stressing their limbs. Also, maximum flowering and bountiful fruit are only possible by pruning.


It sounds harsh, but severe pruning is necessary to restore older trees and shrubs to better health. Most plants are amazingly forgiving with experimentation. Think twice, cut once, and watch carefully. Your plants will tell you in their own way how to do better next season.

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