Three Cost Effective Tree Services That Won’t Break the Bank

Three Cost Effective Tree Services That Won’t Break the Bank. Three Cost Effective Tree Services That Won’t Break the Bank. Many home owners live with tree problems simply because they don’t know these issues are simple and inexpensive to solve by a certified arborist. There are three common inexpensive services that you should consider, as well as a few reasons why you might need them.

1: Tree Pruning and Shaping

Neglecting tree pruning and shaping will likely lead to obscured views, dead branches, bark defects and low limbs among other problems. There is also a real risk of falling branches especially in bad weather which is serious safety risk. Getting a professional tree pruning or shaping service while the tree is still young or medium sized ensures that it grows properly and avoids the aforementioned problems. Mature trees are also relatively easy to prune by a trained and experienced arborist.

Signs that you need this service include;

• Visible signs of stress or weakness

• Sick tree

• Dead tree

• Tree has grown too large

2: Stump Grinding

Many people don’t know that a tree stump isn’t as harmless as it seems. The stump is a breeding ground for insects and disease, it is unsightly, a potential tripping hazard and there is always the chance a new tree may grow on the stump. A stump removal service is actually more affordable than most people think. Tree grinding stands out as a particularly good solution for this problem. Machinery is easy to manoeuvre so it gets to the spot even in a dense yard. The grinding equipment is fast and efficient and doesn’t leave any holes or blemishes on the yard. Lastly, the waste material from the grinding can be used for mulch making this an ecologically sensible option.

Signs you need tree stump grinding include;

• Stump is old an beginning to rot

• Presence of insects and worms in the house

• Multiple stumps in the yard

• Large stumps which are impossible to remove yourself

3: Tree Removal

Another common misconception is that a professional tree removal service is expensive. Many people prefer to take “wait and see” approach which is a risky especially if there are loose or weak branches that look like they could fall any time. Cutting down a tree yourself is dangerous especially if you don’t have felling training or experience. Trees that are very close to the house or other structures are also notoriously difficult to cut down.

A professional tree removal service is affordable and gets the job done faster than doing it yourself. The professionals also have the proper safety equipment to avoid injury or other incident on your property.

Common signs that you need tree removal include:

• Tree roots are close to the house’s foundation

• Tree is visibly sick

• Tree is leaning

• You have had storm damage

• The tree is hollow

All these tree services are affordable and quick if you get the right tree service company. Alternatively, you can call an arborist to inspect your trees if you suspect you need professional help. The arborist can then come up with the most appropriate solution and give you a price quote before you make a final decision.

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