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Safety Tips for Tree Removal Work Sites?

Are you thinking about becoming a tree removal worker in the Arborist Industry?  Well here are a few tips before you start…


If you are thinking about working in the Arborist Industry well here are some Safety Tips for Tree Removal Work Sites? Depending on what level arborist you want to be, will depend on the certification you require.

Before you start your day you will need to be wearing the correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). These personal items start with steel cap safety boots, long pants, long shirt, hard hat, gloves, safety glasses and sunscreen.

Once you are all set up in your PPE, training for the guys on the ground starts with chipper & chainsaws. These certificates can be obtained after starting the position and training will begin on day 1. Correct use of the chipper and a chainsaw is important. It is important not only for you but for the safety of the other workers on site. Read here for more information on chainsaw maintenance.

Manual Handling

For the safety of yourself, manual handling training is very important. To use correct techniques when lifting heavy pieces of timber will save your back now and later on in life. As the tree industry is a physical one, there is no excuse not to be taught the correct techniques in lifting heavy pieces of timber. In most cases, a bobcat, skid steer or trolley will be used but there are always those tight locations that those sorts of equipment will not fit therefore manual handling is the only form of transporting timber.

Assisting with the dismantling

As you progress you will be asked to assist the climber in dismantling the tree by holding the ropes whilst standing on the ground. Usually the ropes are connected through the friction drum that is strapped to the trunk of the tree. The friction drum is used to allow the person on the ground to control branches and timber and takes the weight allowing the person on the ground to lower heavier pieces.


Throughout your day staying hydrated is a must particularly on those hot days. Working in the outdoors will drain you and your energy so keep hydrated and well nourished. Eating plenty of healthy food and lots of water throughout the day will enable a faster recovery for you at the end of the day.

First Aid

Working on a site where accidents happen and people can get hurt it is always required to have a trained First Aid Officer and First Aid kits in all vehicles.

These are just a few points on working in the Arborist Industry.  There are many levels to Arboriculture ranging from Level 2 up to Consulting Level 5. Each level requires a TAFE course.

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