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Who is our Home Owner Specialist and why is he so good…

If you are a Home Owner and require the services of a Specialist for a Free Quote regarding your Tree Services Newcastle, Port Stephens, Lake Macquarie, Maitland and Cessnock areas, look no further. James Sullivan is our Specialist and has over 28 years experience within the tree industry. He has years of experience climbing trees and therefore has expert knowledge to provide a professional, cost effective and quality quote. His climbing skills is to your advantage as he will be the one performing the works.  His knowledge of getting around a tree and how best to do the scope of works required means you won’t be over charged.

James can also provide you with a quote on pruning, removing, hedging, replanting, transplanting, block and land clearing.

What makes James different from the rest is he will take the time to explain the process of dismantling or pruning your tree and answer all of your queries and questions.

His crew will take care of your property and the clean up at the end will be like no other.

Our safe climbing techniques, new equipment and friendly crew will satisfy your tree requirements.

Looking for the more Professional Package

Are you renting and like our services, referrals are our best form of advertising. We service all types of strata management companies, real estates, schools and corporate customers. We are the experts in Professional Tree Service Packages. Call us today for a free consultation on how we can best serve you and your customers with no obligation, free quotes with a professional you will be pleased to have met.

If you are sick of waiting for a tradie click here, we provide professional services all the time.

To identify different species of trees an AQF5 Arborist is your go to person.  Our AQF5 Arborist has years of experience and knows his species. Looking for some pruning tips.

If you have any questions or comments go to or phone: 0419 289 223

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