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Aerial Inspections provide Peace of Mind for Everyone?

So why are aerial inspections so important…

So many tree owners ring requesting tree assessments. They have had branches start to fall, a storm has passed through and they are nervous about the state of their tree or it is just starting to die. An assessment is done by standing on the ground and looking up. So many tell tale signs can be seen from the ground. There are also many times when an aerial inspection is required which enables the arborist to look from the top of the tree down.

James has performed many aerial inspections and often found problems that are bigger than once thought.  Photo’s are taken and then assessed by our AQF5 Arborist.

A few years ago, a home owner called us for another opinion. He had already had 2 other tree companies and an arborist from the council look at his tree in his back yard. They all advised that it was fine. Upon our inspection we recommended an aerial inspection which showed the tree to be hollow through many of its branches and where the main trunk forks. As the tree was very large, this could not be detected from the ground. At any time the tree could have failed damaging not only the home owners property but his 2 neighbours properties. Luckily the home owner’s instinct was to keep searching until he found some answers.

If you are concerned or your instinct is saying get another opinion, give us a call.

James our Home Owners Specialist

James provides free quotes to all home owners and will spend time answering your queries and questions. His knowledge spans over 28 years of being in the tree industry and from climbing some of the tallest and most dangerous trees. He is the one that will prune or remove your tree when our quotes are accepted so you can be guaranteed his timing for the work to be perform will not be overcharged.

If you are sick of waiting for a tradie click here, we provide professional services all the time.

To identify different species of trees an AQF5 Arborist is your go to person.  Our AQF5 Arborist has years of experience and knows his species. Looking for some pruning tips.

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