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So, have you ever thought about what the view is like, whilst climbing and dismantling a tree?

It all happens when you are up high in a tree, looking down to where the groundies and equipment are…

Branch Management have been in business for 19 years and over that period of time, we have had a few climbers come and go. Each one bringing a special quality and professionalism to the group.

We have over the years provided all aspects of tree services, from tree reports to tree removals and more.

Yes, it is dangerous what they do and need to be trained and qualified to perform such high risk work. So, have you ever thought what it was like sitting at the top of a tree and what the view would be like looking down at the crew and equipment below?

Watch this video and you will see a what the climber sees when he is working with a crane and dismantling a large Norfolk Pine tree out of the back yard of residential property.

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