Why an AQF5 Arborist Assessment is vital

Do you need a helping hand with your tree?

Not too long ago our AQF5 Arborist, Stephen Williams was commissioned to inspect and write a report on a large gum tree on a residential block. With over 30 years experience, his recommendation was for the tree to be removed…

Stephen assesses trees on a daily basis and in his consultation with his client, many questions are asked and an extensive conversation about the tree and its history is always had. Stephen can’t write a report without collecting information about the tree and having photographic evidence of his findings.  Here is an article of a tree refused for removal by council after Stephen recommended it be removed to find only months later the tree falls and lands on the owners house.

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To identify different species of trees an AQF5 Arborist is your go to person.  Our AQF5 Arborist has years of experience and knows his species.

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