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Branch Management is the leading provider of Tree Services Newcastle and across The Hunter including Port Stephens, Lake Macquarie and Maitland areas.  Our professional and friendly team are fully qualified with a wealth of knowledge and years of experience.  We are fully insured and pride ourselves on our reliable, safe and trustworthy values within our industry.  Safety is our first priority.  In our consultation with you, we will work to over come any obstacles, discuss our safety plan whilst providing you with a cost effective plan for you, our clients.

Our Tree Services Newcastle and surround areas include:-

Tree Pruning

We recommend a tree maintenance plan for your property to ensure the health and safety of your trees.   For pruning advice and to read more about the best times of the year to prune, benefits of pruning and the different types of pruning click here.

Tree Removal

Trees are an asset to your property and unfortunately, there may come a time when removing your tree is required.   Whether it be dead, dying, dangerous or your adding a pool or renovation to your property, there are always certain aspects to consider when choosing the right tree service provider for your tree care.   Click here to read about Tree Removal Newcastle.

Tree Reports

Tree Reports and Assessments are required for some Council’s for tree removal.   Our AQF5 Arborist is qualified to provide those and more.   Click here to read more…

Stump Grinding

Require stump grinding, root barrier installation or root ball removal, we can do them all.   Click here to read more about the advantages of grinding your stumps…

Tree Transplanting

Have you ever considered Tree Transplanting?  Click here to read more about the benefits of transplanting trees and also the care afterwards…

Residential Block Clearing

You have just purchased a new block of land and require the trees to be removed for you to build your dream home.   We can organise that and the root ball removal.   Click here to read more about block clearing.   Also find out the necessary requirements through council you will need to remove trees from your block…

Land Clearing  

Clearing Land for agriculture, fencing, property development, grass slashing, fire breaks and trails or any commercial building, we have the equipment to do it all. Click here to read more…


10 reasons why Branch Management are the crew for you:-


  1. We are the Hunters leading tree services provider.
  2. Safety is our highest priority.
  3. Professional and very friendly.
  4. We provide services to complete council application forms on your behalf.
  5. Reliable, punctual, qualified crew who will perform quality work.
  6. We are fully insured.
  7. Latest equipment that is always serviced.
  8. Free quotes with competitive prices.
  9. We will protect your property and clean up your yard.
  10. We are a passionate crew who want you to have the best care for your trees.

We have been working with our clients for over 17 years in Tree Removal Newcastle and surrounding areas.   Here are a few of our recent favourite pictures from this year.  Whether it be a storm, school job, golf course, residential or commercial job, there is always something to take a photo of.



For free quotes phone Shelley 0419 289 223 or contact us below.



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We’ve had the privilege to work with some wonderful local businesses

From Port Stephens to Newcastle and the Hunter we have worked with local businesses such as LJ Hooker, Port Stephens Council, Defence Housing Australia, Transfield and many more.

It is a our friendly, professional approach to making your experience a pleasurable one. Safety is our priority.

Shelley, Owner Branch Management