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5 Ways to SAVE you MONEY on Arborist Services in Newcastle

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Arborist Newcastle

Location of your tree determines the removal cost

Are you looking to save time and money, well read on and you will find 5 ways to save you money on Arborist Services in Newcastle?  Is your tree easily accessible or is it located in a hard to get to place in your yard? All sorts of factors are taken into consideration when pricing an Arborist Service in Newcastle.

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Hiring contractors to perform tree work doesn’t have to be expensive.  Here are 5 ways to save you money on Arborist Services in Newcastle:-

    1. Free Quotes.
    2. Trees located in an easy to get to place will save you money.  Access is the key ingredient.
    3. Obstacles – remove what may be in the way.
    4. Waste Disposal – the difference between removing from site or possibly keeping it yourself.
    5. Insurances – making sure they are covered.

Not all Newcastle Arborist’s are the same, click here to read more about Why all Newcastle Arborist’s are not the same.

Free Quotes

When enquiring about a quote for your proposed tree removal, make sure that you ask the contractor if they provide free quotes.   Not all contractors provide free quotes.   You don’t want to be stuck having to pay a fee for your quote.  You are looking at ways to save you money on Arborist Services in Newcastle after all.

If you are after a health and safety report or tree report for a DA, this is not included in a Free Quote.   This Arborist advice will be a paid service and a quote for this service can be provided.

Some other factors to consider when choosing your Newcastle Arborist Company is their insurances, level of qualifications, equipment.    Click here to find out more about how much does a Newcastle Arborist cost.


The location of the tree is a crucial part of keeping the price low.  If the contractor can get his machinery next to the tree, then there will be less manual labour involved getting the branches to the machine. This means less time onsite for the crew and less money for yourself.  Trees in the front yard often have less obstacles and access difficulties.

If the contractor cannot get his machinery next to the tree for the tree removal, then to save you money with access, ensure you move any obstacles removed before they arrive.  Obstacles such as chairs and tables, children’s play equipment, pot plants and any breakable items.

Trees being removed in the rear yard, the wood and foliage needs to be bought to the front yard for chipping and is more labour intensive.  Other ways at looking at saving you money with access, is the option of using a neighbours property, if accessible.


Looking out for obstacles when removing a tree is another factor taken into consideration when working out a price.  Here are a few obstacles we look at:-

      1. Can the tree be easily felled in the yard?
      2. Is the tree close to the house and every limb needs to be lowered individually?
      3. Is the tree near power lines and needs a power line shut out?
      4. Does the tree hang over or near a swimming pool?
      5. Where is the tree located,in the front yard or the back yard?
      6. Are extra labourers required to perform the job?

Choosing the right Newcastle Arborist can be tricky.  Why they are all not the same.

Waste Disposal

Does the Wood and foliage need to be removed from your site. We chip all wood and foliage with a wood chipper and an excavator for large timber, if required.  See Video below.


Once the tree has been chipped, the mulch is then removed from site or you may want to look at possibly using some of it in your yard.

Another example is, if you need firewood you will be able to save on the timber being removed from your site and this will also save you on your electricity bill.

Palm fronds do not mulch up well and very acidic.   Some companies do not want to chip mulch for fear of damaging their machinery.  Palm mulch is not desired and tip fees apply.

For more tips on competitive pricing click here for how much does a Newcastle Arborist cost.

If you have any questions or comments go to https://www.branchmanagement.com.au/contact/ or phone: 0419 289 223

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Tree Removal Services Newcastle

The Five Steps for Selecting the Best Newcastle Tree Services

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There are many reasons to hire tree services Newcastle including for overgrown trees, broken limbs, tree removal or you simply need some work done on your garden. Hiring a professional for tree work ensures that you are safe and that the job is done right the first time around. There are 5 steps you should take before hiring a tree service.

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 1: Research Tree Services in Your Area

Prefer a local tree service to guarantee that your yard work gets done on time. Local services are also much cheaper since the arborist doesn’t have to travel long distances to get to the job site. A simple search engine enquiry for best Newcastle tree Removal service should give you a good place to start.  Visit the company websites and narrow down your options to two or three plausible ones based on what you find on the website.

2: Ask the Right Questions

Anyone with a chainsaw and ladder can pass himself off as an arborist so you need to ask the right questions. Once you have narrowed down the options, ask whether the company has insurance. The insurance protects you in the event an arborist or other professional gets injured on your property. In addition to this, insurance guarantees that any damage to your property that occurs in the course of the tree work is paid for by the tree service or insurance company. Also ask about a business license to confirm that the company is legally allowed to perform tree work.

3: Consider Safety  

Check that the tree services Newcastle arrives with the necessary safety gear and equipment. These include steel toe boots, protective glasses, face shields, helmets, climbing gear and so on. An arborist showing up with only a ladder speaks volumes about his professionalism and expertise and should not be allowed to perform any work on your property. The safety equipment not only keeps the professionals safe but also protects your property from falling branches and other potential accidents.

4: Get a Written Estimate

Once the tree service has satisfied the aforementioned criteria, it is time for work to begin. Insist on a written estimate and a contract before the actual work begins. This precaution protects you from the arborist inflating prices midway through the work. It is also very unlikely that you will have to pay a down payment. Unlike a remodelling contractor who has to buy materials, an arborist uses his own equipment and manpower.

5: Go Over the Fine Details 

Finally, confirm the fine details including;

• What happens to larger branches and debris?

• Who cleans up the leaves after the job?

• Does the service include shaping the tree or just trimming dead branches?

• Does the arborist grind the stump after tree removal?

• Does the tree service haul away branches and shrubs or leave them?

The best Newcastle tree services will be happy to accommodate your requests as long as they are within reason. Ensure that these details are either included in the contract or you have them down in writing.

Follow these steps and you should be able to hire a competent arborist or tree service and have your expectations met at the end of the job. It is thoughtful to ask the arborist if there is anything you can do to make his work easier such as moving garden furniture.

For more information about hiring the Tree Services team for the job – go to https://www.branchmanagement.com.au/contact/ or Phone: 02 4984 6996 or Mobile: 0419 289 223

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tree pruning newcastle with Branch Management Total Tree Services

Seven Ways to Clean Up Your Property or Back Yard This Spring

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Spring is a glorious time when the sun finally comes out and your back yard begins to show signs of life. The season also means its time to clean up property which is most likely in dire condition. If you go about it the right way, you can enjoy spending quality time with family and friends outdoors for the coming months. Below are seven ways to clean up your back yard or property this spring.

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1: Prune Damaged and Dead Branches
Your shrubs and trees have probably been damaged by wind, snow and cold so the first order of business is pruning. Use a handsaw for branches larger than ½ inch in diameter and prune back to the live stem. Use a hand pruner to shape your hedges. Electric shears are definitely easier but these leave a thick outer growth that makes it impossible for sufficient air and sunlight to reach the middle of the shrub.
Stay away from flowers and plants that bloom in the spring such as forsythia and prune them once they flower. Don’t be tempted to do any Tree Lopping Newcastle because this will simply expose your trees to potential rot, decay and disease. You are better off calling an arborist to help you take care of larger dead or damaged tree branches and general pruning.

2: Divide and Cut Perennials Where Necessary
Prune your ornamental grasses to about 2 or 3 inches and 4 to 5 inches for height for your flowering perennials. The idea here is to allow for new growth. Check for areas where the soil has already thawed and dig up the perennials such as daylilies. Divide them into separate clumps of about three stems each. Use the excess to fill out any empty areas. This is also a good time to cut damaged rose canes about an inch below the black area.

3: Clean Areas around Plants
Rake dead foliage, fallen leaves and other debris from around the plant. This debris can create an ideal environment for disease and smother your plants if left unattended. Remove the old mulch once the ground has completely thawed and prepare for new mulch. Clean up your borders and flowerbeds and fertilize plants if necessary. The spring rain helps to sink the fertilizer into the plant’s roots.

4: Make Compost
Create new compost using spent foliage, old mulch, cuttings, leaves and other organic debris that you have collected during clean-up. You can use inexpensive wire fence to make a rudimentary corral. It is necessary to chip branches bigger than ½ inch in diameter and shred the leaves to speed up the decomposition process. Turn the pile once every two weeks and keep it moist.

5: Spruce up Your Lawn
Test the soil PH levels so you know any changes you need to make before the grass starts growing again. Remove any damaged grass and prepare the patch for new planting. Plant the new seeds immediately you see forsythia begin to bloom.

6: Clean Up Your Hardscape
Clean up the patio and walkways of any debris and fill in depressed areas with new gravel. Now is also a good time to refill flagstone joints and repair pavers. Use a pressure washer to clean your walkways and hardscapes and to remove leaf stains and algae spots.

7: Repair Fences
Finally, remove damaged or rotting lattice, boards and pickets. Scrub the wooden fence using water, bleach and liquid mild soap. Replace any damaged areas and repaint the fence as necessary.
DIY spring clean up property is a hard job and you might need some help especially with tending to your plants. Call an Arborist Newcastle or tree service to help you with your trees and shrubs for the best result. Some jobs are often best left to the professional.

For more information about hiring the Tree Services team for the job – go to https://www.branchmanagement.com.au/contact/ or Phone: 02 4984 6996 or Mobile: 0419 289 223

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