Best Tree Service in Newcastle

The Best Tree Service in Newcastle

What makes a tree service the best one?

There are several things to look at, safety not least of them (which you’ll see throughout this post).

To start with, we’ll look at mistakes people make when looking for a tree service that suits them – so you can avoid them. Next, you’ll see why we think (in our humble opinion) Branch Management is the best tree service in Newcastle. Finally, you’ll learn how we go about making your safety our top priority.


Costly mistakes most people make when looking for the Best Tree Service in Newcastle

Hiring a tree removalist isn’t simply a matter of looking up the first one and booking them in. If you want the best tree service, a hassle-free job and no risk of complications – or worse, damage to your yard or property – you’ll want to remember these 4 mistakes that could be very costly.

1. Not checking the tree service is insured AND qualified

Insurance should be a given for any tree removalist. Sadly, that’s not 100% the case. Always (and I mean ALWAYS) check that the tree service you’re considering is fully insured. Accidents happen, and if they do, you don’t want to be left holding the bill.

The same goes for their qualifications and experience. Literally, anyone can buy a chainsaw and a ute, print a few business cards and call themselves a tree removalist. Knowing the difference between these cowboys and a professional, experienced business might not be so apparent on first glance, so make sure to do your homework.


2. Not asking for a detailed estimate or quote up-front

Unsure about how much a tree removal or pruning might cost? Get in touch and we’ll give you a free, detailed quote so you know how much it’ll cost you.

Any tree service worth their weight should be offering you to quote before they lift a single chainsaw or slip on climbing spikes. It’s a red alert if they don’t.

Likewise, if they only give you a vague estimate or are reluctant to put anything on paper, you should probably steer clear. That is, unless you want to risk an “unexpected” big bump to the invoice.


3. Not asking about the services included or offered

Branch Management offers almost any tree-related service you can think of: pruning, removal, lopping, transplants, clearing and more. If you can think of it, we probably do it!

But some tree services aren’t so transparent. Most will offer tree removal or pruning (basic tree removal services), but when it comes to complications or more complex jobs where an experienced hand is required, they may not be able to show you they’re ready or able to do it.

And speaking of being professional…


4. Do they appear professional?

At Branch Management, our business is based on skilled, qualified people who know exactly what they’re doing. Every tree service we perform is based around a safety-first, professional approach (see below for more info on how we deal with safety).

When we turn up, you’ll be able to tell straight away that we’re a tree service that’s up for the job (it’s one of the of the reasons we’re the best tree service in Newcastle!). But that’s not the case for everyone.

Unfortunately, there’s no guaranteed way of just looking at a business to work out if they’re professional or not. But some things you could look at to get an idea might include:

  • The business’ website
  • How they communicate with you
  • The equipment they use for the job
  • The confidence in how they do their work


What makes Branch Management the Best Tree Service in Newcastle

1. Safety is our highest priority

Best Tree Service in NewcastleA lot of companies say it, we actually mean it.

Tree services of any kind are not some cowboy job anyone can do. And it takes a lot more than a 2 day course to understand how to work with trees safely.

Your safety, our safety, along with the safety of your property and possessions are our top priority. This means everything we do is with a “safety first” approach.

But we’ll explain in more detail why safety’s so important to us below (along with how we make sure every second on the job is a safe one).


2. When it comes to trees, we can do practically anything

Let me put it like this: if you want something done with your trees – no matter how unusual it might be – there’s a good chance we’ve done it.

Branch Management offers the following services:

  • Pruning Trees
  • Removal of trees
  • Tree reports
  • Stump grinding
  • Tree transplanting
  • Residential block clearing
  • Land clearing

If what you’re looking for isn’t on this list, be sure to still contact us. It’s a good bet we’ll be able to help you out!


3. No job too big or small

Need a single tree in your front yard pruned? We can do that for you.

Do you need a multi-hectare site cleared for a large property construction? We handle that too.

There’s no minimum (or maximum) job size when you choose Branch Management as your tree service. Simply get in touch and we’ll give you a free, detailed quote to help you make your decision.

We love working with everyone throughout Newcastle and Hunter who has a tree problem they need solving. And we’d love to work with you too!


4. Our people are simply the best

I know – every business says that. But we really mean it!

During our 17 years helping people in Newcastle and the Hunter region with whatever their trees have thrown at them, we’ve seen a lot of experts come and go. But one of the big keys to our success is that we’ve always hired experienced, qualified and passionate people.

To us, skills and experience are starting points, but they’re not the only factors. An enthusiasm for working with trees is the ingredient many other tree services forget. And you’ll see just what I mean when you choose Branch Management to take care of your trees.


Why Safety is our number #1 Priority (and our #2 as well)

I mentioned safety as one of the reasons we’re the best tree service in Newcastle. And I’d like to prove that to you right now. These are the 3 reasons your trees AND your safety are in good hands with Branch Management.

1. People & Training

I’ve been in the tree business for 20 years. I’ve seen a lot of people who, to put it frankly, should have nothing to do with removing trees.

So when Branch Management hires, we make sure anyone coming on board knows their stuff.

But we’re not just happy with what skills they bring to us. We give them opportunities to improve and develop their skills with training. That means our people play their part in handling your tree problems in the safest way possible.


2. Equipment

Second-rate, dodgy equipment is a huge hazard when it comes to tackling trees.

And at Branch Management, we don’t skimp on bringing in the best equipment for the job.

Our grinders, chippers, utes and chainsaws are all top quality. What’s more, they’re all regularly serviced and maintained so they can keep performing day after day – safely.


3. Mindset

Having professional people using the best equipment is only part of the total safety equation.

It’s the mindset that each and every one of us at Branch Management has that makes us the best tree service in Newcastle.

And that mindset is why safety’s not just our first priority, but second priority too. Everything we do is geared towards providing a professional, friendly and SAFE service for anything tree-related.