tree removal NewcastleThe Best Tree Removal in Newcastle

Tree removal in Newcastle, it’s a common occurrence. And there might be several reasons you need to get rid of a tree:

  • If the tree is dead or in a very unhealthy state (learn how to tell if it’s sick or dying here)
  • If it’s growing too close to a structure, like your home or power lines
  • If the tree has grown too large for its location and is causing crowding or may be unsafe

Whatever the reason, no two tree removals are identical. Each has to be approached in a unique way, according to the environment and conditions the tree is in.

So how do we – the best – go about bringing a tree down efficiently and safely? Let’s walk through the three main stages.



Tree Removal Planning

As mentioned, no two trees are the same.

An inspection of the tree by an arborist is often a necessary first step, and it’s one we highly recommend. There can be several factors to consider before even thinking about removing the tree:

  • Where it’s located (if it’s near your home or other trees)
  • The size and type of tree
  • The terrain (sharp slopes are very different to the level ground)
  • The state of health of the tree

You may also need to apply to your local council to permission to remove the tree.


Tree Removal Preparation

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Tree Report & Assessment

While using a professional arborist to assess and report on the risks around the tree removal is a good start, using the best tree removalists in Newcastle to proceed should be strongly considered. They’re the ones fully qualified, prepared and able to take into account any recommendations from the initial assessment.

Other than that, you might think it’s just a matter of turning up and cutting down the tree. On the contrary, it can be an involved process.

Depending on the tree’s size and location, we may have to use heavy equipment. And when that’s not possible (in situations like the tree being positioned too close to power lines), special rigging techniques are used to stabilise the tree as it’s lowered.

On the day, we arrive, set up any equipment we need, then go to work carefully and methodically felling the tree.


Tree Removal Clean-up

The tree’s been safely and successfully felled, but that doesn’t mean our work is finished.

Tree removal usually involves more than just cutting down a tree. For larger trees, we cut it into logs and clear them off the site. Alternatively, you might want to the logs for your own use or have the tree converted into mulch – both things we do for clients.

Grinding the tree stump is another post-removal activity we often do. Leaving the stump as it is creates an eyesore and a perfect breeding ground for pests. The grinding is done efficiently with heavy machinery and leaves no ugly holes behind.

With all this post-removal work completed, a final cleanup of the yard or area is done to leave things tidy. This can be a job in itself, depending on the removal (and especially after a wild storm).

With these 3 steps, you’re guaranteed to get the best tree removal in Newcastle. When you consider getting a tree felled, make sure you hire a service that carefully follows a safe, effective process like this.