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Climber Training Tree Services Newcastle | Branch Management

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Tree Services NewcastleClimber Training Tree Services Newcastle?

Ever thought about becoming a tree climber for a profession with the best Tree Services Newcastle Provider? Our tree climber trainee, Jack is learning the ropes…

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As a Tree Services Newcastle company owner, I have been approached by young people wanting to learn how to climb trees. Climbing trees isn’t about sitting an exam and passing with flying colours. It is about having a teacher who is patient and capable to teach you how to climb and also a company that has the money to back you whilst you are learning and gaining speed.

We like to appreciate our crew by saying thanks and great job.

Jack has wanted to learn to climb trees and in the past we haven’t been able to accommodate him with his request. He recently came back to work with us after being overseas for a while and we are now in a position to help him fulfil his dream. James our full time climber has the patience and teaching ability to show Jack what is required and why? In the last few months Jack has been able to climb some small trees and has advanced to being able to climb trees side by side with James. We now have Jack pruning small and medium sized trees comfortably by himself (with a spotter always keeping a close eye on him).

What James is teaching Jack

  • Safety checks – the most important rule before starting to climb is checking your equipment. Check your harness, ropes, pole belt and any other climbing and safety equipment associated to tree climbing that is vital to keeping you safe within the tree. Check for fraying or splits on your equipment. Also checking your chainsaws is important too.
  • Before climbing the tree, assess it. Check the tree for any hazards and make necessary steps.
  • Ascending and descending the tree with ropes and harnesses.
  • Ropes and knots appropriate for pruning/removal.

Climbing trees can be seen as an arrogant profession. Yes there definitely is the inexperienced and “she’ll be right kind” attitude kind of climbers. When looking for the right climber for your trees, look for confidence but not too cocky, experience, knowledge and just straight down to earth and friendly.

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