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The Five Reasons for Inexpensive Stump Grinding

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Many home owners leave their tree stumps intact after cutting down a tree simply because they don’t see the need of removing the stump. Stump grinding Newcastle is an inexpensive removal process where a machine is used to grind the stump until flat, solid ground is left.

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So why do you need to go through the trouble of hiring a professional to remove the tree stump? Tree stumps aren’t as harmless as most people think.

1: Aesthetic Reasons
If nothing else, tree stumps are unsightly. Most real estate agents report that it’s harder to sell a property littered with tree stumps. Even if you aren’t looking to sell, removing the tree stump to create a level, beautiful yard pays

dividends in aesthetic appeal.
There are other removal methods but stump grinding Newcastle stands out as the best option. It doesn’t leave unsightly and potentially dangerous holes in the ground.

2: Eliminate New Tree Growth
Some tree stumps are notorious for sprouting new growth every once in a while. It can be frustrating and expensive to repeatedly remove the new growth. Chemical solutions may be effective but they can harm the soil and surrounding plants.

Some new tree stump growth may also steal essential nutrients from surrounding plants. Stump grinding is an effective solution in this case because it is environmentally friendly especially compared to chemicals. The waste material from the grinding process makes great mulch.

3: Avoid Insects and Diseases
Tree stumps are prone to insect and disease infestation as they decay. Common infestations include ants, termites and beetles which can also infest surrounding trees and vegetation and even your home.

Stump grinding Newcastle is more affordable much quicker than alternative stump removal methods so there is no reason to risk infestation that can easily be avoided.

4: Remove Safety Hazards
You may not mind unsightly stumps or even the insects that come with them but if you have small children, you definitely need removal. Surrounding brush may grow and obscure the stump causing a tripping hazard while children are playing.

There also might be liability issues if a neighbor or workman trips or is injured on the tree stump. Lastly, consider that you can damage your gardening equipment such as a lawn mower if the blades get caught in the stump.
Again, stump grinding is effective because the machine is easily maneuvered to the precise point and removes the stump with minimal disturbance to your landscaping and surrounding trees.

5: Free Up Precious Yard Space
Finally, consider the space that a tree stump occupies and what you could do with it. A flowerbed, pick nick table or play equipment are better replacements for a stump that only causes problems.

Stump grinding Newcastle is an inexpensive solution that offers flexibility more options of what to do with your yard. The process also leaves the ground intact so you don’t have to do any major landscaping jobs to restore the area the stump occupied.

These are just a few good reasons to get stump removal as soon as possible. The biggest advantage is this is an inexpensive and quick process so there is no excuse to live with stumps on your yard.

For more information about hiring the Tree Services team for the job – go to or Phone: 02 4984 6996 or Mobile: 0419 289 223

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The Five Dangerous Tree Lopping Mistakes – And How to Avoid Them

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Tree lopping is a term that is often misused to refer to cutting branches, pruning, removing trees or reducing the tree size. In the true sense of the word, tree lopping Newcastle usually means removing the main stem of a tree or the entire top half. An arborist worth his credentials would not be willing to perform this service for a number of reasons.

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1: It’s a Temporary Fix for Aesthetic Reasons
Tree lopping seems like a good solution for a tree that has grown too big for the yard. Once the tree is lopped however, wild growth begins at the stubs and it’s only a short time before you have wild, unsightly growth.
A good way to avoid this problem is get the tree removed entirely by a trained arborist.

2: Tree Lopping is A Safety Hazard
Once a tree is lopped, its natural mechanism is to grow new shoots at the point of cutting. A normal branch is linked to the tree at the socket by overlapping in the tree’s tissue. The new growth on a lopped tree is only attached to the exterior layer of the tree.

This weak anchoring makes the new branches incredibly unstable and susceptible to breaking and falling especially in windy conditions. A solution to this problem is to hire an arborist to find a better alternative such as pruning if you are interested in getting rid of weak or unproductive branches.

3: Potential Tree Decay
A healthy tree is equipped with a mechanism to naturally close wounds such as at the point where it is pruned. Tree lopping Newcastle creates large wounds at the lateral branches which most trees are incapable of closing.
Add multiple wounds to the problem and healthy wood tissue is exposed to decay. This decay soon spreads through the branches to the main tree and eventually causes the entire tree to die.

Again, a less dramatic alternative such as canopy thinning by a trained arborist can help to avoid this problem.

4: Exposes Tree to Sunburn
One important function of leaves is to protect the tree from constant assault from the sun by absorbing most of the light and heat. Tree lopping Newcastle dramatically reduces the number of leaves and suddenly exposes the tree to the full glare of the sun. This exposure can quickly lead to bark splitting, cankers and even kill off branches.
It is only a matter of time before the entire tree dies in this case. Again, canopy thinning is an equally effective alternative if you are concerned about your trees blocking light or obscuring views.

5: Dangerous Activity
Finally, there is always the risk of falling from a great height when attempting to perform DIY tree lopping Newcastle. Few amateurs have the tree climbing skills and safety equipment of a professional. Considering how ineffective this method is in the first place, there is no reason to risk injury and death. An arborist would be better equipped to handle the tree issue without compromising your safety and that of the tree.

Tree lopping Newcastle is an outdated, ineffective and dangerous activity that has no place on your property. Fortunately, a certified arborist can inspect your trees, listen to your concerns and come up with the best solution for your tree issues.

For more information about hiring the Tree Services team for the job – go to or Phone: 02 4984 6996 or Mobile: 0419 289 223

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